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Tetra 4D Converter

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Tetra4D 3D PDF Products Now Support 3D Printing Workflow, Enhances App-like Functionality of PDF

Tetra4D 3D PDF Products now support the workflow for 3D printing and improve PDF’s app-like functionality.

The Tetra4D 2017 portfolio enables the generation of data-rich 3D PDFs, acting as an application to deliver an even more engaging and richer experience.

Friday, February 6, 2017 Bend, USA (OR) – Tetra4D 2017 is a portfolio of products that includes Tetra4D Converter, Tetra4D Enrich, and Tetra4D Automate from Tech Soft 3D, a prominent provider of software development tools and native 3D PDF technology to the engineering sector. Because of the improvements made to Tetra4D Converter and Tetra4D Enrich, the data-rich 3D PDFs produced now work like applications, giving users an even richer and more dynamic experience. enhanced import and export format support, and new 3D printing-specific workflows

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