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ZWCAD 2023 Permanent License

A reliable and DWG compatible CAD solution for Lifetime

ZWCAD is a cost-effective,real alternative to Autocad with DWG file format compatible CAD solution developed by ZWCAD Software which is perpetual license. It provides innovative, collaborative and customizable features for engineers in the AEC and MCAD industries, easing their design process. ZWCAD provides familiar Classic and Ribbon interfaces and familiar CAD commands which are much similar to Autocad. You are fully productive on ZWCAD with no relearning time or cost. ZWCAD is a lifetime software which need not to upgrade atleast 2-3 years,it depends totally on user to upgrade it. It will work till the technology obsoletes.

  • An Omni-functional design tool that really cares for your budget.
  • Read and write .dwg files more accurately
  • Take on tougher design tasks more easily

Best For
Designed for businesses of all sizes, it is an architectural CAD solution that helps with feature such as block attributes, tool palettes and more.

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    ZWCAD 2023 Features

    Capable and efficient tools for you to create amazing things.

    Sheet set

    Sheet Set Manager

    View, access, manage and plot multiple drawings. All of them can be done in one panel.

    More powerful

    More Powerful Table Tool

    Satisfy your various needs with new functions like Match Cell and Block Insertion. Edit the table from context menu in ribbon directly.

    Faster operation

    Faster Operations

    Faster in frequent- used operations including Select, Delete, Pan, Zoom and 3D Render.

    Edit 3D

    Edit a 3D Entity Using Grips

    Change a 3D entity’s shape easily by dragging the grips.

    Compatible with3d

    Compatible with 3D Mouse

    Rotate, Pan or Zoom a 3D entity freely on a 3D mouse from 3D connexion . You can also carry on frequently- used commands on it.

    support export of EPS

    Support Export of EPS Files

    Export EPS files easily with the addition of Adobe PostScript plotter.

    Enhance calculator

    Enhanced Calculator

    Do more complex work and develop more powerful add-ons. It now can calculate Imperial units and vectors, and identify more functions and variables.

    new tooltip

    New Tooltip in Ribbon

    An image will appear along with the text when you hover your mouse over a button, so you can find what you need within seconds.

    Quick menu

    Quick Menu for Object Snap

    Choose Object snap type easily on the quick right-click menu without additional steps.


    Smart Mouse

    Trigger commands with mouse gestures.

    ZWCAD Smart Voice

    Annotate with recorded voice.

    ZWCAD Smart Select

    CAM Tech Solutions Pune Is Authorized Reseller Pune Maharashtra India

    ZWCAD Smart Plot

    Plot frames in batches from the model space.

    Barcode & QR Code

    Convert information into barcodes or QR codes and embed them in the drawing.

    File Compare

    Spot the differences between two drawings at once.

    Undo Snapshot

    Preview and go back to any of the previous steps.

    Flexible editing

    Flexible Editing Feature of ZWCAD


    • Dynamic Block
      Dynamic Block
    • Tool Palettes
      Tool Palettes
    • Settings Migration
      Settings Migration
    • Digital Signature
      Digital Signature
    • Data Extraction
      Data Extraction
    • Reference Manager
      Reference Manager
    • Design Center
      Design Center
    • Super Hatch
      Super Hatch
    • Layout Export
      Layout Export

    More Functions

    • Auto-complete Command Input
    • MText
    • Images
    • Blocks
    • External Reference
    • Tables
    • MLeaders
    • Associative Dimension
    • Revision Cloud
    • Layer Properties Manager
    • PDF Underlay Manger
    • Cycle Selection
    • Attribute Blocks
    • Zoom and Pan
    • Lisp Debugger
    • Insert OLE Objects
    • Match Property
    • Object Isolation
    • Quick Calculator
    • Block Attribute Manager
    • PDF and DWFx Underlay
    • Annotative Objects
    • Modeling
    • Viewing
    • Visualizing
    • Print with STB/CTB Plot Style
    • Print or Publish in Other Formats
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