Design Automation

Design Automation 2D - 3D / Knowledge Based Engineering

This process is of capturing the knowledge created in the product development process. It is reused and optimized with parameters and rules, integrating it with design templates.

Where to use

  • The products are repetitive in design.
  • If product are defined & designed with rules.
  • Calculation based design or CAD model creation.
  • Creation of liberties.

How Automation helps

  • Automatic generation of 3DCAD models or 2D CAD production drawings, bill of material.
  • Leverage your company’s existing investment in solid modeling CAD software.
  • Incorporate design rules to minimize errors and cost from manual mistakes.
  • Automate repetitive tasks to dramatically reduce design time when specifying new variants.
  • Free design engineers from doing repetitive tasks to concentrate on new and special designs.

Advantages of CAD Automation

  • Effective use of knowledge.
  • Deployment of best practices.
  • Speed up the development of design variants.
  • Automate repetitive design tasks.
  • Accelerating the design process.
  • Integration with existing CAD-CAE Software.
  • Reduction in development costs.
  • Time saving .
  • Increasing productivity.
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